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Dick Grayson by NewSupermariolegends
Name: Richard "Dick" Grayson 
Age: 32
Height: 186cm (6'2)
Weight: 90kg (198ibs)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue 
Gender: Male
Condition: Peak Human
Likes: Justice League, Gotham, His friends and Family, being batman, Getting advice from Bruce
Dislikes: Joker Jr, Villains, Red Hood, The thought of Bruce Dying 
Residence: Gotham City, USA
Family: Daniel Smith (Adopted Son) Tim Drake (Adopted Little Brother) Bruce Wayne (Adopted Father)
Created By: Bill Finger, Bob Kane 

Dick Grayson was born to the flying graysons, a group of acrobats that were in the circus. When they were preforming one night, they were killed by a villain when there equipment fell apart during the performance. Heartbroken, a young dick saw that his future was in stake. However, soon he  was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne. Who turned out to be the masked superhero Batman defending Gotham. 

Bruce raised Dick as his own son and allowed him to help him fight against crime as Robin. He went and worked as Robin starting at 13 until he was 18 and decided to go and become the Nightwing as an adult superhero. He joined many teams during his time as Robin and Nightwing. He started for a short time the Teen Titans, then Young Justice, even having love interests in women like Starfire, Zatanna, and even Batgirl. But these  were short lived or cut off. 

Dick remained as Nightwing until he was 29. After Bruce suffered an injury in his late 60's. Dick assumed the role of Batman in his place. Three years later, though still young in his run as Batman, Dick has defended Gotham and is even running his adopted fathers business of Wayne Industries.

Dick Grayson is a tall Caucasian male with black hair and blue eyes. He has a muscular build, and stands at 186cm and weighs in at 90kg. As Batman he wares a black cowl mask with two Bat-ears at the top and also has a cape connected to it. He wares a gray leotard and black trunks, boots, and gloves, also as a gold utility belt. 

Dick Grayson is seen as a kind, responsible businessman who runs his father's business carefully and not without guiding. He also is willing to give second chances, but does not give a second for firing someone who does not work. He also makes sure that he spends time with his adopted son Daniel Smith. 

Batman is seen as a dark avenger and a very intimidating person. He is not afraid to bring anyone to justice, not mattering on anything about them. He also is seen as being able to command the trust of others  easily and never breaks a promise to anyone. 

Powers and Abilities 

Peak Human Conditioning: Though he does not possess any supernatural powers or abilities, Batman has reached Peak Human Conditioning. All of his bodily functions are running at the maximum of human potential. His strength, speed, and other abilities surpass that of all of the Olympic athletes: 

  • Peak Human Strength: Batman's strength is greater than that of average humans. He is even stronger than the finest Olympic weight lifters. Under optimal conditions, Batman has been seen bench pressing 500kg (1000ibs) and above. He has broken the bones of humans easily, can throw a full grown man a few meters, and can even punch through a brick wall. 
  • Peak Human Speed: He has been seen running faster than the original Batman, The new Batman is  able to run at 80km/h (40MPH). He can catch up to a vehicle, move faster than average, and preform many other impressive feats.
  • Peak Human Durability: With his bones and muscles denser and tougher than normal humans, Batman is at the peak of human durability. He has been struck by beings with strength surpasses his, hit by a car, and has even taken beatings from superhumans, and has come out with little to mild damage.
  • Peak Human Agility: Batman can change from one position to another very quickly 
  • Peak Human Reflexes: He can react faster than average humans. To were Batman can dodge point blank gunfire.
  • Peak Human Stamina: With a highly developed muscle system, Batman has achieved a peak human stamina. Able to exert himself to his peak for hours, possibly days without rest. 
  • Peak Human Flexibility: Batman's Flexibility surpasses that of normal humans to where he can stretch his limbs to the zenith of human limitations. 
  • Peak Human Sensory System: He can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell better than a normal human.
  • Peak Human Immune System: Batman's immune system makes him highly resistant to disease and disability.   
  • Peak Human Intelligence: With an I.Q over 200, Batman is above average humans in intel. He can learn things very quickly 
  • Peak Human Longevity: He ages slower than average humans. Batman could live to be 120. 
  • Peak Human Healing: He can heal from cuts in minutes, Bones in hours, and limbs in days.

  • Indomitable Will
  • Master Combat Skill
  • Weapons Specialist 
  • Vehicle Specialist 
  • Genius Intelligence Level
  • Detective 

  • Bat Suit: The Bat-Suit includes his mask, cape, gloves, trunks, boots, and belt. Batman's suit is bulletproof, and fire resistant 
  • Utility Belt: Batman has a utility belt where he has famous gadgets including his Bat-a-Rangs, Gas bombs, grappling hooks, tazers, and many other gadgets. 
  • Batmobile: Batman's main transportation in his Batmobile. It is able of resisting Gunfire and explosions and is even able to shoot out projectiles, go under water, and other feats. 
  • Bat-Sub: Batman's transportation under water. 
  • Bat-Jet: His military Jet 

Batman, and all related characters are copyright to DC Comics, Image is copyright to DC comics. Please note that this is fan fiction written by Lee Ericson, this is not a cannon story
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